NOBOL Race Manager©, the dynamic cross country meet software featured in school competitions and open races throughout Southern California, is available for purchase or turnkey operation of your race management needs.  For more information, contact OC Associates by e-mail or by phone at 949.632.2825.

Two Different Race Management Approaches

  • Use traditional bib number Bar Code Scanning of runner finishes matching up with finish times electronically downloaded to produce instant results
  • Interface with third-party chip-enabled race management software to electronically import runner chip finishes while getting the front-end and back-end benefits of superior meet scoring software

Convenient Data Entry

A runner’s information can be entered or modified at any time, even after they finish a race!

Bib numbers can be manually assigned, or automatically assigned in the order runners are entered.  If desired, the software can reassign all the bib numbers, alphabetizing first by team name and secondly by runner name.

Data can be imported from another NOBOL database.  This way, data entry can be performed at several locations, or data from one meet can be used in another meet.  Data can also be imported from:

  • Microsoft Access databases
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • Text files
  • Mark sense cards for race-day registration, using an optical mark scanner by Chatsworth Data Corporation (

Reports in Several Formats

Reports include:

  • Meet Program (entered runners grouped first by race, then by team)
  • Individual Race Results
  • Team Race Results (scored cross country style)
  • Individual Meet Results (overall or in age groups)
  • Team Meet Results (by team time)
  • Runner Lookup Sheet (entered runners ordered by bib number)

Results can be printed as “quick results” even before the last runners cross the finish line.  Printouts are displayed in one or more column format, depending on fields selected.

The following formats allow you to generate the results in the way you want to present them:

  • PDF (Acrobat) or Rich Text Format (RTF) for easy distribution
  • Microsoft Excel spreadsheet for subsequent data manipulation
  • HTML for web pages

Network Enabled

Networked computers can share one NOBOL database.  This capability can greatly speed up and simplify your meet in a variety of ways.  Several people can simultaneously enter data without having to import data from another database.  At a meet, one computer can handle late registrations while another computer handles race finishes.  If races are scheduled close together, finishes can be handled by multiple computers.

Bar Code Printing

Print labels of almost any size.  Label information includes:

  • Runner’s name
  • Bib number
  • Grade or age (optional)
  • City (optional)
  • Team (optional)
  • Gender (optional)

Compatible with Popular Timers

  • Compusport 737 by Chronomix (
  • Sprint 8 by TimeTech (
  • Time Machine by Flying Feet Computers (800-328-4070)
  • Times can be updated online during the race while bar codes are being scanned
  • Times can also be downloaded after the race

Race Organization

Races are organized by:

  • Gender
  • Division (I, II, III or Invite, Open, etc.)
  • Race Level (Frosh, JV, Varsity, etc.) (optional)
  • Race Heat (optional)

Recommended Hardware

The following equipment is recommended for a “live timing” race configuration:

  • (3) Microsoft Windows 10 laptop computer platforms with minimum of 2.5 GHz processor and 6GB of memory; must be network capable
  • (1) Ethernet switch with minimum of four ports
  • (1) laser printer
  • (2) bar code scanners
  • (2) race timers
  • (1) optical mark sense card scanner
  • Associated power, network, scanner, and timer cabling of sufficient length to support planned operation
  • More extensive for interfacing with third-party chip-enabled meet software (ask for more information)


For more information, contact OC Associates by e-mail or by phone at 949.632.2825.