Welcome to the 41st Annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classic presented by ASICS America!

Thank you for attending our meet. Your support of our event is appreciated. Here are some last-minute notes to make your participation an enjoyable one at our meet:

1)  Results (live streaming of the races, live results of the 1-mile split, 2-mile split, and finish line; and verified final results) can be accessed at http://www.gvarvas.com/results.

2)  If you need to make any adjustments (add or change info) to your roster, they must be made before the meet starts at the check in area.

  • If you do not have a bib for a new runner, fill out the ADD ATHLETES SHEET at the check-in table, pay the $15.00, and take the add ticket to the Coaches’ corner at the finish line.
  • If you need to make a change to the information for one of your runners, fill out a CHANGE OF INFORMATION SHEET on that athlete at the check in table. Follow the steps listed.
    3)  Have each athlete check his/her bib number and name tag. They need to match. No name changes in the results after the race(s) if an athlete wears the wrong bib.

    4)  Make sure that the athletes have their bib numbers pinned at the belly button height before they go to the starting line. Recycle the pins among your team members from one race to another. Caution your athletes not to drop safety pins on the ground. They are hazardous to the athletes.

    5)  Your runners must report to the clerk of the course (parking lot B behind the start line) 15 minutes before the race is scheduled to go off.

    6)  NOVICE RACES: Any boy or girl that runs 24:00 minutes or slower should be placed in the NOVICE races. This gives them a better racing experience, it reduces the over-crowding in some of the frosh and soph races, and assures them of a time for the race.

    7)  Make sure that your runners line up in the correct race and the correct division. They report to the parking lot 15 minutes before the start of their race.

    8)  Pick up the team patches (first through sixth place finish in all races) at the awards table as soon as results become official. We have many left over each year.

    9)  Medals will be given in the finish chute.

    10)  Only coaches at the coaches’ corner for adjustments/questions. Parents/athletes are prohibited in the area.

    11)  The medical staff should be the only ones to initiate a 911 Call. The primary First Aide station is located at the finish line. Please caution your parents not to call 911.

    Good luck to your team in our meet!
    George, Bryan, Louie

    *** NOTE: A couple of important updates this year from SilverLakes. Cal Fire will be checking every single tent to make sure it has the fire retardant seal. If tents are customized, the manufacturer should be able to provide this. If it doesn’t have this seal, your team can’t put it up. Also, SilverLakes is cashless due to Covid considerations. Both the parking is cashless and also the restaurant. Food trucks will be able to take cash but we want to encourage as many people as possible to be cashless.