Welcome to the 41st Annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classic presented by ASICS America!

Click the Google Maps link below.  Once you are there, press Get Directions from your location to:

SilverLakes Sports Complex  (map)
5555 Hamner Avenue
Norco, CA 92880

*** NOTE: A couple of important updates this year from SilverLakes. Cal Fire will be checking every single tent to make sure it has the fire retardant seal. If tents are customized, the manufacturer should be able to provide this. If it doesn’t have this seal, your team can’t put it up. Also, SilverLakes is cashless due to Covid considerations. Both the parking is cashless and also the restaurant. Food trucks will be able to take cash but we want to encourage as many people as possible to be cashless.


1) No spectator fee for the meet will be charged if entering the SilverLakes Sports Complex in a vehicle. A $10.00 spectators and athlete entry fee will be charged for walk-in adult and children over 12 years of age. A $5.00 entry fee for kids under 12 years of age.

2) All vehicles (including buses) will park in the SilverLakes facility. No parking in residential streets or the Eastvale Community Park adjacent to Silverlakes. Vehicles will be towed.

3) The parking fee for all vehicles (except for buses) will be $20.00. This fee applies to school vans as well. Receipt for reimbursements for school vans will be available.

4) No parking fee will be charged for buses.

5) All vehicles will enter through the main gate or the exit gate on Hamner Road (as directed by the parking attendants).

**** All school buses will enter the facility through the exit gate on Hamner Road.

6) There will be a drop-off area for athletes in the SilverLakes Sports Complex.

7) There is ABSOLUTELY no parking in the residential areas or the Eastvale Community Park across the street from SilverLakes (as stated by the signs). Vehicles may be towed. Parking in the residential streets of Eastvale Community Park creates ill will between SilverLakes and the community/residents. For any event staged in the SilverLakes Sports Complex, the walk-in fee is imposed to discourage parking in the residential area. It’s SilverLakes commitment to the community.

* * * IMPORTANT * * * NO PETS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE FACILITY! Please make sure that all of your families are aware of this policy. If pets are brought to the facility, your pets will need to stay in your vehicles… AND, this is not safe for the pets.


  • Arriving from Orange County, Long Beach and South Bay Areas:
    1. CA-91 Freeway East to I-15 Freeway North.
    2. Exit on 2nd Street, turn left from the off-ramp, and then turn right on Hamner Road. Follow Hamner Road to SilverLakes facility (6 minutes).
    3. 6th Street off-ramp is not recommended due to construction issues and short traffic signals at the off-ramp.
  • Consider the following option to avoid slow traffic on the CA-91 Eastbound:
    1. CA-91 Freeway East to CA-71 Freeway North.
    2. Exit on South Euclid Avenue and turn Right.
    3. Proceed to Pine Avenue and turn Right. Pine Avenue will turn into Schleisman Road.
    4. Follow Schleisman Road to Hamner Avenue and turn Right.
  • Arriving by using the Southbound I-15 Freeway from all other areas (CA-60, I-10, I/CA-210):
    1. Travel South on I-15.
    2. Exit on Limonite Avenue, turn right from the off-ramp, then turn left on Hamner Road. Follow Hamner Road to SilverLakes facility (6 minutes).