Thank you for registering your team for the Woodbridge Cross Country Classic presented by ASICS America.  Your support of the meet is appreciated.  Here are some last minute notes to make your participation an enjoyable one at our meet:

1)  Fill out the change information form at the check-in table before the meet starts.

2)  Bring your school check, personal check, or cash for the entry fee to the meet if you have not mailed it yet.  Please do not mail the checks this week as they might not arrive on time.

3)  Plan to arrive 2 hours before the first race (5:00pm on Friday; 3:50pm on Saturday) to be sure that your athletes will be ready for their races.  Traffic will be heavy.  Mention that to your parents also.

4)  When you come to the meet, please check in with the registration table and pick up your packet.  If you have additions at that time, fill out the form in your packet and bring it to the check-in tables.

5)  Have each athlete check his/her bib number and his name tag number.  They need to be the same number.  Correct any mistakes by exchanging the tags so that they match the bib number.

6)  Make sure that the athletes have their bib numbers pinned on before they go to the starting line.  Recycle the pins among your team members from one race to another.

7)  If you do not have a bib number for one of your athletes, give him/her a bib number that belongs to an athlete that will not be running.  Fill out a CHANGE OF INFORMATION SHEET on that athlete and bring it to the check-in table.  If you do not have any left over bib numbers, fill out the ADD ATHLETES SHEET and also bring it to the check-in table.

8)  NOVICE RACES:  Any runner that runs 24:30 minutes or slower needs to be placed in the NOVICE races.  This gives them a better experience and it reduces the over-crowding in the other races.

9)  Make sure that your runners line up in the correct race and the correct division.  Make sure that your athletes report to the clerk 15 minutes before the start of their race.

10)  Pick up the team plaques (first through sixth places) at the check-in table as soon as results become official.

11)  Keep runners and parents away from the results table and computer tables.  Only coaches should handle questions or problems.

12)  The primary First Aide station is located at the finish line inside of the stadium.

13)  All results, videos, and photos will be posted at this website:

14)  If you are planning to return for next year’s meet, please register early.  We turned away about 50 schools this year.

Good luck to your team in our meet!

Bryan Pacheco
George Varvas (949.632.4327)
Woodbridge High School Cross Country