Click the Google Maps link below.  Once you are there, press Get Directions from your location to:

SilverLakes Sports Complex  (map)
5555 Hamner Avenue
Norco, CA 92880


No spectator entry fee will be charged for athlete families and spectators.

Parking ($15.00) will be charged within the Complex. Spectator vehicles (including school vans) will enter the Complex at the main gate on Hamner Avenue and will be directed to the parking areas.

* * * IMPORTANT * * * NO PETS WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE FACILITY! Please make sure that all of your families are aware of this policy. If pets are brought to the facility, your pets will need to stay in your vehicles… AND, this is not safe for the pets.

Buses will enter the Complex at the secondary gate on Hamner Avenue. They will unload and proceed to Eleanor Roosevelt High School to park.


NOTE: Based on expected high traffic volumes on both area freeways and at the Complex, avoid the Eastbound Riverside CA-91 Freeway between the CA-71 Freeway and the I-15 Freeway.

  • Arriving from Orange County, Long Beach and South Bay Areas:
    1. CA-91 Freeway East to CA-71 Freeway North.
    2. Exit on South Euclid Avenue and turn Right.
    3. Proceed to Pine Avenue and turn Right. Pine Avenue will turn into Schleisman Road.
    4. Follow Schleisman Road to Hamner Avenue and turn Right.
  • Arriving on the I-15 Freeway from all other areas:
    1. Exit on Hamner Avenue, if you are traveling North on I-15.
    2. Exit on Hamner Avenue or Limonite Avenue, if you are traveling South on I-15.