Dear Cross Country Coach(es),

Welcome to the 2017 Woodbridge Cross Country Classic sponsored by our friends at Skechers.

The meet will be contested on Friday night, September 15, 2017 starting at 4:50pm (Red and White Divisions) and Saturday night, September 16, 2017 starting at 3:50pm (Blue and Gold divisions).

Please note and share the following information with the other coaches in your school:

1)  Most of the information you will need about our meet is posted on this website.

2)  Your team is assigned as per the Teams By Division page.  Please find your division’s race schedule for your athletes and parents on the Meet Schedule page.

3)  If you have changed your mind about attending the meet, please let us know of this decision immediately.  A $50 fee will be expected if we are notified after September 1, 2017.

4)  ATHLETE registration will be through EPI Sports.  For more information, go to the Athlete Registration page.  The athletes need to be registered by Saturday, September 9, 2017!

5)  Please register those athletes that have a chance to be in our meet.  It would be helpful if you drop those that will not compete from your class roster.  Bib numbers are expensive and preparing bib numbers for athletes that will not compete but are on your roster is time-consuming.  You can always make adjustments to your roster up to the registration deadline and you also can add new runners at the day of the meet.

6)  The NOVICE race does not require a fee (if you have entered athletes in the regular races) and is designed to give boys that run 23:00 or slower and girls that run 24:00 or slower a more meaningful experience for their race by competing against those with similar abilities.  Also, this race reduces congestion in the regular races and we can record the time all of these athletes.

7)  Bring the ENTRY FEE to the check-in table at our meet.  If mailing it, it needs to be mailed early enough (by September 2, 2017) for us to have it on time for the meet.  Minimum fee will be $50.  The fee is based on the number of races your team participates in ($45.00 per race).  Refer to Entry Fees for more details.  Personal payment will be required if a school check is not brought to the meet otherwise.

8)  The Sweepstakes (Top 25 teams) and Rated (Teams 26-55) selections will be announced by Rich Gonzalez after Labor Day.  If you have a team that you would like for Rich to consider, send an email request (with needed information) by contacting us.


Best wishes for a successful 2017 season.  We hope that your athletes will enjoy our meet!