Dear Coaches,

Welcome to the 2017 Woodbridge Cross Country Classic! Please keep checking this website for meet information, division assignment and the latest announcements.

Our staff is working very hard to provide an enjoyable experience for you and your athletes. Please review the information below and share this information with each of your coaches and every family on your team. We would not ask you to be the information conduit if we did not feel that it is imperative that everyone (coaches, athletes and parents) is aware of this information!

Please make plans to have your athletes transported to the meet on time. I would recommend that you plan to arrive at 2 to 2 1/2 hours before the first race. After all, it is Southern California and it is Friday night traffic. Additionally, the Eastbound 91 deserves the reputation it enjoys with us.

  • If you and your athletes/parents are driving from Orange County, Long Beach, South Bay areas: Exit the Eastbound 91 at the 71 (Pomona Freeway) and go north to Euclid. Exit Euclid and go right to Pine Ave. Turn right on Pine and follow that street (it changes its name to Schleisman Rd) to Sumner Ave or Scholar Way and turn right. Go to Citrus and turn left. This leads to the entrance to the SilverLakes Sports Complex.
  • Buses will be able to drive into the SilverLakes Complex from either Citrus or Hamner Ave. They will unload in parking Lot B (next to the team-set-up area) and then go to Roosevelt High School to park. Roosevelt is 5 minutes away.
  • The athletes and parents/spectators will also enter the SilverLakes Sports Complex from either Citrus or Hamner Ave (directions found on our website). They will park on one of the many parking lots inside the facility. First come, first served. The fee is $15.00. Please mention to everyone to have exact change.
  • For more information, check out Spectators, Parking, Driving Directions.

Our meet is shaping up to be one of the best ever. According to Rich Gonzales it is the most competitive meet yet in the featured races. As usual though, the lower level races will provide equitable competition to make everyone’s experience a positive one.

The Doug Speck and Bob Day Sweepstake entries and the Rated race entries are posted on the Sweepstakes and Rated Entries List page. These are the official entries as adjustments have been made from those identified originally by Rich.

Remember that this meet favors the varsity races. We have smaller number of competitors in those races and the weather conditions are the best. The rules of cross country stipulates that the top 7 runners on the team run varsity and the remaining athletes run in their appropriate levels. Frosh and Soph athletes may run in the frosh and soph races even if they are in the top 7 on the team.

Team set-up and race warm-up areas are identified on the Course Map posted. When you set up team camps, please place your EZ up at least 5 yards from the race course so that there is room for spectators to see their athletes in the race. Bring tent stakes to anchor the EZ ups down. On windy days those EZ ups flip and fly and can injure people. This is a Fire Department regulation everywhere.

No pets allowed in the facility. If pets are brought, they will have to stay in the vehicles. Please make sure your parents are aware of this Park regulation.

Thank you for going over this important information and for sharing it with your coaches and parents on your team.

George and Bryan