Entry fees for the Cross Country Classic are as follows:

–>  $45.00 per race entered with 5 or more athletes, OR

–>  $10.00 PER INDIVIDUAL entered in a race (whichever is less);

–>  $50.00 MINIMUM.

–>  Make check payable to Woodbridge High School.

The Entry Fee is due on meet day.  Personal checks or cash will be accepted in lieu of school checks.  If you are planning to mail the entry fee, please mail it at least SEVEN DAYS prior to the race so that we receive it on time and credit payment to your school.  Mail your check to:

Attn:  Cross Country Invitational
Woodbridge High School
2 Meadowbrook
Irvine  CA   92604



1) The Entry Fee is based on the number of runners registered — not on how many are running the day of the meet.
2) Example: If you registered a total of 35 runners and intended to have 10 run in the Boys’ Frosh race ($45), 3 in the Girls’ JV race ($30), 7 in the Boys’ Varsity race ($45), 10 in the Girls’ Novice race ($45) and 5 in the Boys’ Novice race ($45), your Total Entry Fee would be $210.
3) The Entry Fee for the Novice races is waived if your team enters all nine (9) division races.
4) Again, make your check payable to Woodbridge High School and be sure your school name is on the check (personal check or school check).