Please read below for an important message . . .

40th Annual Woodbridge Cross Country Classic
presented by ASICS America


As you might have heard, the CIF State and California Health officials sent out the following communication and guidelines:

1) The earliest possible date that inter-team competition can take place is January 25, 2021. This date will be reassessed by January 4, 2021 based on transmission status of the virus in California and could be postponed further.

2) Inter-team competitions, meets, etc. are authorized only if the two teams are from the same county or from neighboring counties with similar virus status.

3) Any tournaments or events involving more than two teams are not currently permitted.


So, in our opinion, our Invitational does not have a good chance of happening this winter. Of course, if the guidelines change, we are ready to stage our meet. But, the reality is that cross country will only have enough time to maybe have 5 league meets and a league finals.

Stay well and safe. Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!

NOTE: Other webpages at this website still reflect our previous January 14-15, 2021 scheduled meet date as we finalize whether the guidelines will change or not.

Please continue to check back regularly to this website for all the latest news and announcements relating to the event.

Bryan Pacheco
George Varvas ( 949.632.4327 )
Woodbridge High School Cross Country


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The Woodbridge High School Cross Country families want to thank Kevin Doverspike of RE/MAX for the donation of the hundreds of U.S. Flags that will be used to decorate the running course.

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